VEREDAS is a sustainability and design consultancy platform bridging the gap between artisan communities in Brazil and the international high-end designer market.

Through the combination of extensive anthropological research and a cutting edge design approach, we develop bespoke handmade textiles and products that are ethically manufactured with the communities of our network.

Besides producing garments under our own label, we supply companies with tailored services in bespoke artisanal textiles with the mission of building a better garment industry and providing more sustainable alternatives.

At the same time, we support craftspeople in Latin America by positively impacting their local economies, improving their working conditions, and directly contributing to the preservation of their cultural heritage and traditional crafts.

My name is Ana Andrade and I’m a designer, researcher and entrepreneur fighting for social welfare and sustainability causes in the fashion and textile industry.

I have devised the business model for VEREDAS after completing my university thesis at Central Saint Martins in 2019, which was then endorsed by my university for the prestigious “Start-up Visa”, assigned by the Home Office. At the moment I spend time between my business and design practice, and my masters in the Social Anthropology programme at the University of Oxford.